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New and Used Car Dealer Software

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BitBeater Pro is an upgrade package for BitBeater basic car dealer software. BitBeater Pro DMS software offers easy installation and employee training, a tabbed interface for improved productivity and loads of additional features including State Forms, Automated Forms, Sales Commission Tracking, Odd Payment Calculator, Customer Lists and Mailing Labels, Floor Plan Calculator, Temporary Plate Tracking, Insurance Policy Tracking, Lender Screens for Outside Financing, Letter of Guarantee, Car Dealership Lender Payment tracking, Estimated Payments, Interest Due and Enhanced Buyers Guides to name a few. Take either version of BitBeater for a free car lot software test drive trial today.

Cost: $120 a year

First 6 months free for new customers.

BitBeater Pro Car Lot Software Interface

BitBeater Pro Enables New Features your Car Lot Will Appreciate

BitBeater Pro offers an easy to used tabbed interface for improved productivity and new program features such as outside financing screens, new reports, advanced form sets, mailing list management, sales commission tracking, floor plan calculator, auto fill forms and loads of additional features to improve your car lot efficiency.

Track Dealership Outside Loans

Track Dealership Outside Lenders

In addition to BitBeater Basic’s Buy Here Pay Here financing and financial calculators BitBeater Pro offers tracking for outside lenders and assignment to loans.

Additional Car Dealer Software Reports

Enhanced Car Dealer Reports

BitBeater Pro adds new car dealer reports to the Financial, Sales and Inventory screens. Reports include Delinquent Payments, Estimated Payments and Interest Due, Detailed Vehicle Costs for Period, Salesmen Report, Inventory Aging 2, inventory for Period, Inventory Added for Period and Temporary Plate Log reports.

New and Used Car Dealership Forms

New Screens, Forms and Data Entry Options in the Customer-Deals Section

BitBeater Pro Enhances the Customer Deals options and forms. In addition to the BitBeater Basic form set, BitBeater Pro enhancements include Customer Mailing Lists, Simple Late Payment Notice, Buyer Notification, Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Agreements, a Test Drive Agreement, Failure to Return Test Drive Vehicle form, GPS disclosure Statement, Letter of Guarantee and blank forms for Purchase Orders and Motorcycle Rental Agreements.

Multi-Seat 20 User License

Networking up to 20 Seats At No Additional Charge

BitBeater Pro provides a 20 seat license at no additional charge saving larger car lot dealerships a bundle!

California Contract Cancellation Option Agreement Included – Truth in Lending Compliant