Both versions of BitBeater offer easy installation, fast employee training and loads of great features to manage your car lot. There are too many features to provide a complete list. The best way to compare versions is to test drive both for yourself. Download a 15 day trial copy of BitBeater Basic used car software or contact us for a free fully functional 30 day license which allows you to enter your own data. See our Test Drive page for details on both options.

BitBeater Basic BitBeater Pro
Car Lot Inventory and Sales Tracking bb bb
Buy Here Pay Here bb bb
Payment Calculation, Interest and Tracking bb bb
Amortization Schedules bb bb
Forms bb bb
Trade Ins bb bb
Quick Quote Sales tool bb bb
Bill of Sale Forms bb bb
Comprehensive Reports Including Sales, Profit, Inventory bb bb
Late Charge Payment Automation bb bb
Credit Applications bb bb
Tabbed Interface bb bb
State Mandated Forms bb bb
Auto Fill Purchase Order and Buyers Guide Screens bb bb
Odd Payment Calculator bb bb
Multi Seat License , up to 20 seats – same network same location bb bb
Advanced Forms Set bb bb
New Form at your request bb bb
Customer List, Mailing Labels and Prospect Database bb bb
Outside Lender Screens bb bb
Credit Profile bb bb
Test Drive Agreement bb bb
Delinquent Payments Report bb bb
Vehicle Repair Agreement bb bb
Customer Mailing List Management bb bb
Temporary Plate Tracking bb bb
Notice of Exclusion or Modification of Implied Warranty bb bb
Lease / Rental module bb bb
Auto-fill Customer’s Record From Prospect bb bb
Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Agreements bb bb
Motorcycle Rental Forms bb bb
Repair Shop module bb bb
Prospect module bb bb
Salesmen, Delinquent Payments & Inventory Aging 2 Reports bb bb
Floor Plan Calculator bb bb
Insurance Policy Tracking bb bb
Sales Commission Tracking bb bb
Free Upgrades to New Versions and Features bb bb

Try a no obligation 30 day fully functional Free Car Lot Software Test Drive, Select the “Request 30 Day License” option.

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