Paperwork and Efficiency

Eliminate Paperwork for More Efficient Car Lot Sales and Operations, Save Money in the Process

Do you hate all those forms, endless paperwork and filing or do you have a staff of full time employees who take care of your records ? Are your salesmen always filling out paperwork rather than selling cars ? Are you always buying expensive forms that seem to run out at the most opportune time ? How often are your car salesmen telling you that they need car salesmen software to so their jobs ?

If you calculate the potential savings of automating your business with car lot software you might be surprised. Most of these savings will fall to your dealership’s bottom line and improve your profit. For selfish reasons we would like to see you automate your business with BitBeater car lot software as we believe it’s a great product however your business will benefit by implementing used car lot software regardless of who’s software you choose as long as it has the right features and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

To calculate your cost savings you need to calculate how much time you or your staff spends filing out paperwork. Sales records, invoices, repair records are probably the tip of the iceberg. Estimate how many more cars could be sold if your salesmen had more time in the floor. There are also a few less tangible benefits. Consider how hard it is to keep your current car inventory and price list up to date and how much paperwork you have to sift through to figure out commissions, sales trends as well as how your business is doing. All of these time consuming tasks can be minimized by using a good used car lot software program.

Car lot forms can also cost a lot over time . Consider what you spend on window stickers, buyers guides, payment books and sales forms. Most if not all of these can be printed from a computer and in many cases the computer generates most of the information needed on the form, again saving you money. Efficiency improvements might also mean you can get more work done with less people. You can put more resources into sales to generate more revenue or cut back on hours again resulting in higher profit.

Once you quantify these these cost saving opportunities we think you will be amazed at how much money you can save. Running an efficient used car lot operation is key to maximizing your bottom line profit. We hope you consider implementing used car lot software and realize this great return on your investment that will pay you dividends year after year. We hope you consider BitBeater used car lot and car salesmen software for your new or existing used car lot.

Bitbeater offers car software that can make your sales team more efficient giving them more time to sell cars. Contact us about Bitbeater used car lot and car salesmen software today.